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Restaurant Web Site Wizard Web Site Features
Restaurant Web Site Wizard Web Site Features
No restaurant web site is complete without things like a map, menu, reviews, awards or testimonials or a coupon.

This tell visitors to your site more about your restaurant than anything else - your cuisine and prices are right there for visitors to see and for people searching the Internet to find. Millions of people search for not only restaurant types but also for specific menu items, even ingredients! Scanned menus aren't indexed by the search engines, plus they harder to read, which is never a problem with Restaurant Web Site Wizard menu pages. You can easily upload photos for all, some or none of your menu items as well as choose from a variety of menu layout options, fonts, text colors and sizes and borders and background colors. You can even choose whether to show prices just by checking a box! Once you've set your menu categories and items you'll be able to select them drop-down boxes when creating coupons (if necessary) or selecting specific menu items to feature on e-mail newsletters, etc.

Coupons can be invaluable in increasing business; both in terms of bringing in new customers as well as increasing the dining frequency of existing ones. Our integrated coupon builder allows you to easily create an unlimited number of coupons and then either place them on the Coupons page in your site or send them out via e-mail (see below). Commonly used coupons are pre-formatted and can be selected by just checking boxes and making selections from drop-down boxes. Choose a Percentage Discount (off the entire menu, a specific menu category or a specific menu item), Free Item (from a specific menu category or specific menu item with or without a minimum purchase), Special Offer (a specific menu item or combination for a set price), Buy One Get One Free (menu category or item) or just type in any other discount you would like to offer. Furthermore, because everything is completely integrated with the Restaurant Web Site Wizard you are able to easily select things like menu categories and items from simple drop-down boxes and information like your restaurant name, address and telephone number automatically appear on your coupons without any additional typing on your part. This makes it fast and easy to create multiple coupons or change them regularly; for instance you can use one type of coupon on your site and another in the e-mails you send out.. Expired coupons are even automatically removed from your site as soon as the expiration date is reached, always keeping your web site current.

Web sites just for restaurants for $50 per monthEvery restaurant has them, whether they be that cherished review from a magazine, newspaper, or dining guide, or maybe it's a special award. Perhaps you've received some really nice comments from customers and want to share them. The Restaurant Web Site Wizard makes it easy for you to publish these accolades in style! First of all, we've made it very easy for you to enter the information regardless of whether it is an award, review or testimonial; you can even upload a photo or other graphic (like an award or review logo) for each one. Second, we give plenty of control over how they appear: you select the fonts, sizes and colors and the order in which they appear, the rest is taken care of automatically - presenting your awards, reviews, and/or testimonials in a stylish manner that will attract people to your restaurant!

A web site is a great place for people to find out more about you, or perhaps even find you for the very first time through an Internet search but what about reaching out to people - whether they be customers you might not have seen in a while or people you just want to introduce your restaurant to for the first time. For that we've built in a very powerful e-mail messaging system that allows you to send vibrant HTML-format e-mails with your logo, menu item photos and more! You can add e-mail subscription boxes to your site just by checking a single box, allow visitors to enter their e-mail address to sign up to receive information from you. You may also upload existing e-mail lists, such as those exported from Microsoft Outlook or an AOL address book. It has a built-in unsubscribe feature so you're never sending spam. Use it to distribute coupons at a vast savings over traditional mailers or create your very own monthly newsletter or perhaps a weekly e-mailing letting people know what your specials will be for the week. You'll find that with just a few minutes spent doing this that the extra contact you make with your patrons will result in bringing them into your restaurant on a more frequent basis, adding to your bottom line.